Thursday, 26 March 2015

Stripes and a biker jacket

I wore this on Saturday for a wander around Glasgow with Tam.  It turned out to be the first properly warm day of the year, so the scarf was quickly ditched on the walk in!  I found this shirt in a charity shop last week and I totally love it.  Obviously it's menswear, since it perfectly long enough.  My jacket was gifted from Long Tall Sally from my #dearsally post in November, and I'm just getting to wear it now, since a non hooded jacket in winter was never gonna work.  It was almost too warm for Saturday, but I was glad for it on Sunday when the sun disappeared as we went out for lunch.

This might be one of my favourite outfits lately, even if my good old boots tried to kill my feet.  How can that be when I've been wearing them for two winters with no problems?!  I have a few blisters now, and they're definitely relegated to the shelf for a while.  Pah.

shirt - M&S (mens) via charity shop
jeans - Long Tall Sally
boots - DSW
scarf - Jigsaw via charity shop


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Knitting and Reading

I haven't participated in the Yarn Along for ages!  I finally have knitting to share that I don't have to keep a secret though, so here I am.  As I mentioned once or twice already this week (ahem), I'm knitting the new Shetland Wool Week hat, despite the season. I only need a tiny bit of black wool but my black Aran is in giant ball form, so along it comes anyway!  Long time readers may recognise it from Tam's Christmas jumper...

All my library books have been returned (although I'm waiting for one that's been 'in transit' for over a month, so who knows when that's going to appear).  This means I can start on that big pile that's been building up on my shelf - leftover Christmas pressies and a few I've bought myself.  First up is Pawnee by Leslie Knope, a guide to the wonderful city that graces our screens in Parks and Recreation.  I'm about half way through and I must admit, I thought it would be funnier.  I'm liking it though, plus I still have the last season to watch, so it's getting me in the mood for that.

Linking up with Ginny's Yarn Along.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Photo an Hour Day - Sat 21 March

07:56 - I awoke quite early for a Saturday, but I wanted to finish reading my library book so I could take it back on my way into town.  My beach hut lights kept me company in bed.

08.58 - Still reading.  I'm a relatively quick reader but I had over 100 pages to get through!

10.09 - I decided it was time for tea and a bagel.  The only problem is my tea cools down way quicker than I can drink it, so I only made that small dent in the cup...

10.57 - Wrote a post for Monday and checked my blog home page.  LinkWithin revealed my unimaginative slant for post titles...

12.09 - Finishing off some knitting.  This is my bits-and-pieces bag for my tools - I use the darning needles and scissors all the time but there's some random bits in here too, including a purse made by Janet, a drawing of Parsnip by Tam and some props from the minion window...

12.57 - It was high time I was getting ready for the day, so clothing had to happen.  I also found time to shoot a quick outfit post so look out for that later in the week!

14.06 - It was gorgeous outside so I decided to walk into town to meet Tam, who was getting the train down to Glasgow.  I went to a couple of charity shops on the way and picked up a couple of bits for my summer wardrobe, then walked up by Kelvingrove.  It was pretty warm by this point so my scarf came off.  First non scarf day of the year, yay!

15.16 - Tam arrived!  He kindly waited while I did my yearly restock of tshirts at H&M, then we had a quick drink and walked along to the cathedral.

15.56 - We went up to the Necropolis afterwards.  There were a few people around enjoying the nice weather, but it wasn't unpleasantly busy.  My camera lens was annoyingly dirty though so all my pictures from there have marks on them,  I usually have a cloth on hand to clean it but I didn't even notice it was that bad, I'm a bit annoyed with myself.

16.58 - We were loving the sun so much that we popped into the first pub we saw with a beer garden - Drygate, by the Tennents Factory.  They had chalk out so you could draw on the tables!  Here's my version of me and Tam.

18.57 - We had problems getting a train, then when we got home we were desperate to order dinner, so I totally forgot about a picture.  Tam waiting patiently for food to arrive.

21.17 - I didn't even realise I hadn't taken an 8pm photo!  That's not good...  We were just stuffed with sushi and lolling on the couch anyway, neither of us could move from overload of rice and curry.  It was awesome though, and we've decided avocado sushi is our new fave.  I started knitting the Shetland hat, accompanied by Nadia's pretzel stitch markers.  Thanks to all the food and walking, we were knackered and went to bed about 11pm, not a bad day at all!

Thanks to Louisa and Jane for organising Photo and Hour again, check out their blogs to find out the date for the next one!


Monday, 23 March 2015


My next knitting project is the rather unseasonal Shetland Wool Week hat.  I just couldn't wait to knit it after seeing the pattern.  At least I'll be prepared for next year!  It's still not available online but there's more pictures on the designers blog.  I've never done colour work on the round before, in fact colour work is not something I'm confident about knitting anyway, so I'm hoping this will provide some good skill developing.

Admiring my button jar, a recycled Burt's Bees gift pot.  I have so many, I think I need to find a button related craft to use some up.

Wondering if it's time to put the chunkiest of the knitwear into summer storage yet...  I sense I'll be the weather jinx if I do though.

My colleague made an Eclipse Cake on Friday, for obvious reasons.  It was lemony and chocolatey, not a combination I usually care for, but this was delicious.  My cake loving friend was off work and not happy when I broke the news to her.

Speaking of the eclipse, here's the tiny part we saw of it down in Glasgow.  This picture was taken through a very dirty window (then edited darker, so I could actually see the moon part) after we'd all stood outside for ages staring at the clouds, wondering if it was the eclipse or an imminent downpour that had turned the sky only slightly darker than usual.  It obviously turned sunny and cloudless mere hours later.

As if the cake wasn't enough, my awesome friends went to Germany again and brought me back my favourite sweets.  I always seem to make favourites of food not available in this country, but luckily they were prepared and delivered me three packets!  This was on Wednesday night though, so three packets have inevitably turned to one...

I found a perfect striped shirt in a charity shop last week.  It's been hanging on my knitting shelf, waiting for inspiration to strike.  I have a slightly silly habit in that when I get new (to me) clothes, I don't like to put them in the wardrobe until I've worn them.  I tend to think that if I put them away I'll forget they're in there and then what would be the point in owning them at all?

Photo an hour pictures are coming up soon, stay tuned for more rambling!

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