Saturday, 31 December 2011

A year in Blogland pictures...

The last day of the year is here!  In all honesty I can't wait to see the back of this year, for all that it started fairly well I can't really say it's finishing that way - but never mind, things can only get better! (eh, as long as I don't lose my job in February, fingers crossed!)  

I thought I'd do a little (photo heavy ;)) round up of what's been going on over at Foof and Faff this year, cause when I look back at the pictures it actually looked rather fun - I guess taking pictures of the bad parts wouldn't be nearly as good!


And my personal Highlight of the Year - NEW YORK!  Simply put, I loved it.  I belong in America I think, I'm already saving for USA 2013 - the plan only has a name so far but I'm certain it will involve a return to the Big Apple, can't wait! 

Happy New Year everyone, hope ya'll have big huge super fun plans for tonight - I'm heading to my local with my best buddies for dinner, whiskey and raucous giggling most likely, yay! 


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

One cosy old jumper...

Remember the jumper I was blethering about in this post that I said shouldn't be worn outside?  Well I got it out on Boxing day for hanging in the house with my laptop and cheesy movies (finally saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - in one scene the boys KIDNAP the girls to get them to marry them, and SPOILER, it works!  Less said about that the better...)  Also featured were vast amounts of sweets, toast with brown sauce and another Christmas dinner - this week is all about the food and drink people!
M&S jumper - charity shop
Skirt - eBay
Tights - Tesco
Slippers - BHS

And here's the necklace I was blethering about in this post!  It was a tense moment when I spotted it in the shop but there were only two left and there were two women standing in front of it discussing what to buy - fair to say some polite pushing was done!  These are the first outfit pics done with my tripod, can't wait to take it outside and have a proper practise.  They were also taken without makeup, or even without washing my face to be honest, so no closeups!

I'm back at work 3 days this week, then off New Years Eve for a proper night out, old school style with my best friends and some whiskey - always a recipe for fun (not disaster, drunkeness and hangovers, totally not that...)  What's everyone else doing for hogmanay?  If anyone else celebrates that is, I do think it's rather a Scottish thing... 


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Family at Christmas...

...and pressies of course!  I did rather well for myself this year, one of the highlights being a giant Soap and Glory bag filled with goodies - plus even more toiletries in my stocking!  Is it wrong that I get overexcited about receiving practical gifts?  I'd much rather be gifted something useful or something from my wish list than some useless trinket that does nothing...  Altho now that I'm not so shy about voicing that opinion I've found there were not many surprises this year - fine with me!
 Ooh it has a bow!
 I also got 2 of my fave Body Shop body butters and a No7 gift bag with little miniatures inside - now I can try some new makeup without spending a penny!  
 Here's what actually came in the bag - 10 things!  (Ok I've now posted 3 pictures about this, time to move on... ;))
 My usual stack of books and DVDs - I'm reading Mindy Kaling's book now and can confirm it was totally worth the wait!  Also if you follow me on Twitter you'll already know about the heart attack I had on opening the pack of Wonka sweets - I'm saving these for last if I can!
 New diary and calendar of course, plus a Penguin shirt found in TKMaxx last week...
 Fleece lined!  I'll never be cold again...
 The sweetie table - I discovered a while ago that Amazon had a grocery section so added some sweets to my wish list, which my lovely friends and Mother fully embraced and I was sent bags of my fave things!  The rhubarb and custards may be nearly gone, gah...
 On to the family pics!  Here's Mic waiting for dinner - since I was in charge of setting the table it was minimalist all the way...nothing to do with me testing the cooking instead of actually setting the table...
 Managed to get out of doing the dishes on account of having to make sure my new tripod worked...  I can confirm it did after it let my finger go, apparently my idiocy is still going strong tho.
A family portrait of sorts - Mother hates getting her picture taken whereas me and Mic are the worlds biggest posers, dunno how that happened!  This is the closest I got, unless you count the one of her scowling at me then making me promise not to put it online, which I haven't...yet!  Mwahahaha...

It was a fun day off with actual food, Mother only cooks about twice a year but she makes the best roast potatoes - with the help of Aunt Bessie ;)  This is actually a scheduled post since today is moving day, URGH, so hopefully by the time you read this I'll have packed, moved and unpacked and be at work with my stack of books!


Monday, 26 December 2011

Friends at Christmas...

Christmas is all about family for sure, but Christmas eve is the time most of my favourite people get together to drink and be merry and share the festive cheer with each other.  Which usually involves buying rounds in the pub, eating chips on the way home and covering each other in party popper streamers in the middle - not to be missed!
 Mhairi is home from England!  We only see each other a few times a year now so Christmas is the time to make the most of it :)
 My wee brother and his girlfriend found us too

 Actually have no idea what was going on here, but it may be one if the best pics ever!
 I have so many fun pictures of these three posers - in case you couldn't tell, Gordon (left) is Mhairi's brother...
 Yes, the tie is still around...

 3 beers in and I was rather too merry, not sure what happened...

And my outfit!  I got to Mother's about 9:30pm after getting out of work earlier than expected and um...not seeing much of the road when I drove down... so I just did a quick change and was out the door!  My fave Calvin Klein leopard shoes feature again, along with my Principles skirt and a v v old sheer blouse, plus more eBay tights - these ones are sparkly and came from Hong Kong, I'm done now tho, my tights drawer is struggling to close...

Hope everyone had a fabby Christmas - I took a bunch of pics with the new tripod my brother got me so I'm doing some editing of them at the mo - stay tuned for all the action! (ha don't I sound so exciting, a slight contrast today where all I did was get dressed ;))


Friday, 23 December 2011

Stripes, spots and (early) pressies!

Well it looks like I'm back to the good old red, white and blue combo, oops!  Seriously, if you weren't here this summer, check it out, I think they were the only colours I wore!  I'm still dressing from my overnight bag at Mother's so there's a bit of a mish mash going on, plus I wanted an excuse to wear these new tights from eBay - I don't really do coloured tights but when I do, they might as well be bright!
Topman tshirt - charity shop
Belt - H&M
Skirt - charity shop
Tights - eBay
Shoes - Topshop

 Not sure I've ever shared my watch on's a fab silver Dunder Mifflin man's watch, I got it on eBay for the grand sum of $0.99 - then paid $12 postage and £5 to get it fitted to my wee wrists... there's a bargain in there somewhere!
My hair is still bothering me, so I've started rolling it back at the front for something different!  Only problem is it's rather thick, so it takes about 10 kirby grips to hold it in place, faff...

So remember the other day when Mother went shopping and I skived off to work?  Well I did actually get as far as TK Maxx since I was returning some jeans, and Mother got all annoying and decided to buy me something in place of them, so I came out with a couple of bargains! 
 Hush Puppies brogues, original price £65, my price £15!  I've heard folk raving about this brand but I kinda associate them with um...old lady shoes... until I slipped these on my feet - so comfy!  Can't wait to wear them.
 And I also fell a bit in love with this Clements Ribeiro jumper, original price £130 (!!!), my price £24.99, yeah!  It's a rather lovely, simple style that still manages to indulge my love of stripes - this may be coming out on Christmas day!

In other news, I went to Dorothy Perkins last week and inquired about the whereabouts of their Tall range - and the sales assistant told me it was no longer being sold in stores.  Cue me going into a huff and emailing them last night - can't wait to hear what brilliant excuse they come up with!  New Look actually told me the same story, but I tend to avoid shopping there so I'm still deciding whether to bother them too or let them get on with it...  Am I going overboard, or is it unfair that many stores cater to petite and overweight customers but not tall ones?  Even Topshop has reduced their tall range to a single rail in my closest store, what's going on?!

Well this will likely be my last pre Christmas post, I'm back to work tomorrow - 11 hour shift on Christmas eve, argh!  But I get to finish at 9pm instead of 11pm, woop de bloody do....  If last year is anything to go by I'll be in the absolute worst mood and you won't want me destroying your Christmas spirit anyway, so I'll wish you a festive goodness now and go away for a few days... Merry Christmas everyone!

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