Monday, 16 January 2012

Family Flashbacks - That 70s Holiday...

So you love dressing in vintage and want to holiday 70s style?  Allow my family to show you how...

 Get some short shorts and some cute vests/tie dye blouse - however if you're a guy, wear what you wear at home and act nonchalant. 

 Find an awesome statement one piece and some wedges - again if you're a guy, keep wearing your socks and shiny shoes, even at the poolside...
 Feel free to indulge your bag obsession... 

 ...whilst showing off your vast collection of cute sun dresses.
 Guys, don't give in to shorts!  But try a short sleeve knit for a funky change of pace...

 ...and bonus points if you can get the girls to follow your lead and revert back to their jeans - especially if they're flared and/or dungaree'd...
Oh nearly forgot to mention the kidswear!  Striped knee socks are a must with your sandals, especially for the boys...  Older guys, these flapping flares would be a great replacement if you forget to pack the contents of your sock drawer!

I had the most fun looking thru these pics - it's a shame my mum didn't keep her cute clogs and dungarees, altho I'm not sure me in dungarees is something I want to think about...  Enjoy, and look forward to some 80s horrors trends coming next week!



  1. Oh, this is just fabulous. I watched that HBO movie, Cinema Veritas, last night and it takes place in the 70s and your family was very stylish if that film is any indication.

  2. Ha ha ha, that is just wonderful. I adore old family photos. And I wear some of those sundresses in a heartbeat

  3. I kind of love that Pony Express vest...

  4. I would deffo wear some of those sundresses too and you can almost feel the breeze from those capacious flares!

    Happy New Year Elise xxx

  5. Love this - so cute! I can't believe the deeply unbuttoned man shirt didn't get mention though. Add a medallion and you're hot to trot!