Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Mother taking my pic like it's the first day of school - she couldn't stop laughing about me going camping, it was slightly insulting in the end...

We tried to erect a hammock, failed slightly...

Team mates and our food tents

Yeah... me and camping didn't really get on very well.  It could have been that it was the coldest May weekend in however long, or that my sleeping mat failed to inflate, or even that nature is f***ing noisy, especially during the night it seems.  

I was camping to complete part of my Scout leader training - apparently it's a good thing if you're certified to do outdoor overnight trips - and while I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, I was looking at it as a bit of an adventure.  I'm not a natural optimist mind you, now I know why...  We were split into 2 groups, and as the only one who had never been camping, I was in pretty good hands - my fellow leaders were total legends and taught me so much.  One was a survival expert who thought nothing of climbing 20 feet up a tree to make a trap, not an example I followed but it was fun to watch...  The organisers gave us some great activities on the Saturday (including a knot expert who rewarded us in sweets!) and the kitchen tent had a never ending supply of biscuits, plus I learned some camp fire songs - mostly Scout versions of existing songs, but the 'talent' was hilarious...

I'm camping again in a couple of weeks, with the Cubs this time, but being age 8-10, they get to camp in cabins, which I'm ridiculously grateful about now!  Hopefully this time I won't need 5 layers of clothing or ear plugs to block out the tweeting birds and barking dogs (seriously, they went about 40 hours without drawing breath, HOW?!).  Altho I've been assured that the two hours sleep I got on the first night is also normal with kiddies around - can't wait...

Anyone else been camping?  Tell me it's not that bad always!



  1. Wow that sounds like it was a memorable experience! I always forget out noisy birds are until i'm back in the countryside and even in my bed [back in the parents] with the windows open they are so frigging noisy!

  2. I'm sorry, I don't have a single good word to say about camping. But my sister loves it... She took her baby camping and everything...

    Love the picture of you with your rucksack!

  3. I love camping! I haven't been for ages though.

  4. I can't bear kids, so taking a load camping sounds like a serious punishment to me. Nothing really stops me sleeping.